True to the fact, our motto dictates
everything we believe in.
We believe that furniture should
always have the fluidity of motion to
compliment ones movements.
We also believe that soft corners and
well-formed edges provide a visually pleasing
difference to any interior. That is why our furniture
and bentwood components are highly recognised in
both local and international arena.

Our premium quality furniture and bentwood components are mainly crafted from rubberwood,
a species of greenwood. Not only is rubberwood economically friendly, its smooth and whitish
surface texture offers the perfect canvas for excellent paintwork.

Since 1993, we have been manufacturing high quality furniture and bentwood components such
as Windsor chair parts, dining table parts, cut-to-size plywood, chair back legs, bed crowns and round cribs.

Experience contours of comfort with cutting-edge designs and delightful colours at Mau Sin Bentwood Industry.